What is this?

by maradita





bluryAs I lay down..
I recall my memory about what happened today.
People said that memory is the mental capacity or faculty of retaining and reviving facts, events, and impression. It’s also known as act to recalling or recognizing the previous experiences.

This morning, I experience my vision fades in unison -at the same moment- as my eyes come teary.
No, it’s not tears of sadness or sorrow.


This warm powerful feeling. It’s just flow. It’s continuously flow to my entire body.
It’s flow like a river, until you can not feel anything but love. *Feeling loved*

Ps. Mike Connell said, that the hardest part when it’s come to faith, is when we have to believe that we are loved. He delivered such a strong message about the love of our father. Many people misunderstand the love of God as our loving father, because the father’s role play in the world are often fails to be represented.

But this is different! God’s love is wayyyyyy.. too deep and abundant to be compared to others. He knows us, as his son. No matter how far we go, no matter how much sins we’ve been made. This one is different.. :”)


I’ve been practicing meditation for years, seeking to feels a great power beyond any human and any creatures can do in this universe.

And for years and years, I never receiving such a huge power like He did this morning. *you know..* *it happend just like that!* *just on a blink*

And this morning. I leave the room. Speachless!

He is not only leave me with no words, He’s also leave me with no worries and no anxiety no more.

I leave the past.

This morning, this is all different.

It’s all new.


So, tonight #asILayDown. Recalling and recognizing; What is happening? What is this?

..This is His presence..

So, now when my consciousness feel His presence… Tears down, and it’s started to feels warm again.

Oh! And did I mention it before, that.. This is the feeling of being in love and loved?!

*tears of joy* :”)


Such a great bless!

May the feeling of love is always lived upon us.

Thank you Ps. Mike Connell and ICC for the sunday service. 

God bless you.

So anyway.. What do you feel about today’s service? Let’s share.. :)