by maradita

So, as you may know, sincia gives such a headache and migren to faced all the questions that coming from our elderly relatives. Yea, yea, you hear.. FYI, It’s been so tough- as tough as hari raya lebaran with all ‘that question’! HAAA!! Yea, you know the ‘when’ question! HAHA.. XD (basically, on sincia.. we were tortured with many-many question, and rewarded an angpao as a gift afterwards.) < HAHA, sesat, jangan percaya. XD


Andddddd, this year I’m pretty glad!!

I’m glad ‘cos we have a new family member, I have a nephew! So I use him as a little sweet distraction!! HAHAAAA *win* *evil smirk* *pengalihan issue,yes!* *damn i’m so lame* *WHTVR,hahahha* *pokonya yes*.


And, ughhh!! We have another good news, one of my cousin been working gracefully at advertising agency for several month.. *And later on*.. The question is popping out between that crispy pork belly and the gurame asam manis. *here we goooo, fasten your seatbelt!!*

The Q: So, tell me. What was your job again?

(Me+Cutie cousin): *staring each other’s eyes* *cos we know it wouldn’t be easy*

Me: *BIG SMILE* I dare you to tell it! I double dare you!! HAHAHA..



selanjutnya ga usah diceritain lah ya.. haha!!



Oh,maafkan aku jahat. But it was fun, no? hahaha.

(disclimer: none of ’em working at creative fields, so we kinda aliens to ’em. But, I bet we are an awesome aliens, aren’t we!!!) high five dolo lahhh!!!


So how was your CNY??